Our mission is to create next-generation intelligent tech products to benefit everyone around the world.

The wave of AI, robot, and high-speed networks is coming. In the future, the physical and virtual worlds will be inseparable, and we are focusing on creating the products that serve that vision.

Why Kwaf?

Kwaf is a giant in mythology.

One day, he decided to chase the sun even though other people told him that it'd be impossible to catch it. He ran across mountain ranges and rivers. Finally, he had almost reached it, but the sun was too hot, and he died of thirst.

We named our company after Kwaf because we appreciate his spirit. A company is an adventure.

And just like for Kwaf, there'll be many who don't believe in our vision, and we know there will be lots of dangers out there, but we will persevere because we know the journey is the reward.


Culture is the backbone of a meaningful company. It's the principle behind everything we do. A firm culture will support a company through countless ups and downs and establish a long-term business.

In this busy, cluttered world, we only focus on the following principles:

1. Value triumphs all else. Create the best products for our customers.

2. Look at the next decade instead of short-term profitability.

3. Greatness lies in teamwork. Recruit the A team; cut off the B team.