Mix Watch 8

Mix Watch 8

Smartwatch Breakthrough

Mix Watch 8 fulfills all your expectations of a smartwatch. Meanwhile, our unique product development strategy makes its price a bargain for consumers.

Smartwatches are a revolution. They stop you from always fishing for your phone in your pocket or bag. They personalize and improve your exercise and health in a way that a phone couldn’t possibly do. They are a stylish fashion accessory. However, there's a catch for consumers—most smartwatches are overpriced.

Mix Watch 8 is a breakthrough. It rivals smartwatches that cost hundreds of dollars, yet its price is incredibly reasonable because it's designed with our unique well-planned product development strategy—but more on that later. First, let’s start with its advantages.


Mix Watch 8 tells the time. Flip your wrist; Mix Watch 8's motion-detect sensor instantly auto-awakes the screen and displays the time. Compared to a phone, reading the time on a watch is more convenient—and mature. It conveys you're an adult who values time. Accountable. Conscientious. People set you apart from others.

Moreover, studies prove people wearing a watch have a higher income—because they get more done without constantly being distracted by their phones.


Mix Watch 8 features a vibrating alarm clock. Each morning, it gently wakes you up without shocking you—a good start for the day. During the day, set specific alarms to remind you of your daily routine, making your life organized. Mix Watch 8 also features a countdown timer and stopwatch, useful for exercise and other activities.


No more rummaging for your phone in your pocket or bag. Mix Watch 8 lets you check calls, messages, and social notifications on your wrist while on the go. Its state-of-the-art Bluetooth 5 technology widens its signal coverage up to hundreds of yards. Put your phone aside, walk to any far corner of your home, office, gym—and you're still connected. You don’t even need to take your phone with you when exercising. Whenever you need respite, turn on its "Do Not Disturb" mode.

It's not necessary to call or text on a watch. For most people, this doesn't matter because they've got a phone. By eliminating these impractical features, Mix Watch 8 has cleverly saved consumers money.


No need to take out your phone while you’re listening to music—instead tap Mix Watch 8 to remotely switch between the different song tracks. It also supports remote camera control. Set your phone camera, and flip your wrist—Mix Watch 8 remotely presses the shutter instantly. It lets you take perfect selfies or group photos anytime without asking someone for help.


If you don’t have time to exercise, you can walk. Walking highly benefits your body. Studies show pedometers motivate people to willingly walk more. An average person already walks about 5,000 steps per day. With the Mix Watch 8 built-in pedometer, you can increase your steps effortlessly, and it helps you to improve your longevity as well as becoming fitter and healthier.

Walking is a great mild exercise for all ages and physical conditions. You can walk anytime, anywhere regardless of occasion or weather.


Mix Watch 8 increases your exercise performance. It tracks your exercise and quantifies distance, duration, heart rate, and calories burned into straightforward reports on the app. These makes your exercise data easy to understand so you keep improving. Exercise tracking also helps you stay motivated to build effective exercise habits.

Meanwhile, Mix Watch 8 helps you to rapidly burn fat. During exercise, it shows your heart rate so it can be maintained within 60-80% of its maximum reach. This way, your body enters Maximal Fat Oxidation zone—which burns fat twice as fast.

The Mix Watch 8 sports tracking supports eight popular exercises including: walking, jogging, cycling, skipping, swimming, basketball, soccer, and badminton.


When walking, jogging, cycling, or hiking at night, the Mix Watch 8 flashlight keeps you safe by letting other people notice your position. It's also useful in emergencies—power outage, car repair, camping, and more.


Your body can't talk, but when it's out of sync, it may be reflected in your heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen. In fact, more than half of heart attacks happen in silence, and an estimated 46% of adults with high blood pressure are unaware of their condition.

The Mix Watch 8 light-sensitive glass sensor scans and analyzes your blood vessels. It monitors your heart rate 24 hours a day. You can read your blood pressure and blood oxygen anytime, anywhere.


Whenever you’re feeling nervous, stressed, anxious, or depressed, following the Mix Watch 8 breath training feature can help by relieving strains in your body. Also, breathing alleviates insomnia. It calms your body and gently eases you to sleep.


A good night’s sleep makes you look younger and thinner, think clearer, and feel happier. During sleep, your brain strengthens its neural links, your body repairs its cells and releases vital hormones. Mix Watch 8 makes you feel well-rested every night. It tracks your sleep patterns, shows your sleep quality score, and suggests the best time for bed and waking up—increasing your overall sleep quality.


Outdoor activities: Mix Watch 8 can display the latest weather, helping you to bring the right gear when going outdoors.

Waterproof: Mix Watch 8 is IP67 grade waterproof. It works for up to 30 minutes in 1-meter-deep water—no problem when bathing, swimming, or on a rainy day.

No need to take Mix Watch 8 off every day. Its battery level lasts up to 7 days—recharge it only once a week.


Mix Watch 8 has hundreds of watch faces, or you can also use your own photo as a watch face! Plus, the strap is interchangeable. Within a few seconds, you can customize your Mix Watch 8 according to your mood, dress code, or the occasion, making you the most stylish person in the room.

Mix Watch 8 is water and dust proof. If it ever gets dirty, simply wash it using water—it’ll look brand new without any consequences.


Mix Watch 8 is made from zinc alloy, a strong metal that, to prevent rust, coats itself with zinc carbonate when exposed to air. The Mix Watch 8 front is covered by Thin-Film Transistor screen, with each pixel illuminated individually for excellent color saturation—in short, the screen displays clearly even under bright sunlight.

Mix Watch 8 is 43.4mm X 37.4mm (1.71" X 1.47"), and only 8mm thin (0.31")—it fits most people's wrists. It's lightweight at only 45g (1.59 ounces). Wear it all day long and it becomes part of your wrist.


Compared to other smartwatches which cost hundreds of dollars, Mix Watch 8 is only $69.95. This is because of our unique product development strategy which reduces its production costs.

Features: Most expensive smartwatches are stuffed with bells and whistles which inflate their prices. We eliminated those so Mix Watch 8 only focuses on the practical features that are worth customers' every penny.

Marketing: Big brands throw money at marketing, and add those fees to their selling prices—but we don't. We're lesser-known because we’d rather save that marketing budget to make a worthwhile smartwatch for you.

Minimalist: The Mix Watch 8 design is minimalist. This way, it reduces the total number of product parts to decrease production costs.


Mix Watch 8 is compatible with Android and iOS. We suggest you try Mix Watch 8 for 30 days. When you receive it, take a careful look at its solid craft. Put on your favorite clothes to see if Mix Watch 8 suits you. Wear it everywhere you go, and feel its comfort and convenience throughout your daily routine. Test its exercise, sleep and health tracking to assess its performance.

After you've given it a thorough test, decide if you want to keep it. If not, no problem. Simply return your Mix Watch 8 for a prompt and courteous full refund. You can't lose.


To get your Mix Watch 8 for a 30-day test, simply order below. You'll receive your Mix Watch 8, magnetic charger, screen protector, instructions, and a 1-year limited warranty—everything you'll need for your 30-day test.

Mix Watch 8 can be a great gift for yourself and your loved ones. Order a Mix Watch 8 with no obligation today.

Mix Watch 8

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1. This product is not a medical device. The measurement data and results shown by this product are for reference only and cannot be used to perform professional diagnosing or monitoring any medical condition. In addition, the accuracy of the data will be affected by tattoos or other pigments on the skin, darker skin tones, hair, movement and sweat from sports, etc. To measure SpO2 level, please keep your arm still.

2. The radio waves generated by the equipment may affect the normal operation of implantable or personal medical devices, such as pacemakers and hearing aids. If you use these devices, please consult the manufacturer for restrictions on their use.